Barker's Antique Jewelry

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Love these bracelets!

If you have an anniversary or birthday coming up, set your sights on one of these spectacular diamond bracelets with emeralds or sapphires. And really, it’s never too early to start your Wish List at Barker’s to make sure you have your favorite jewelry picked out for Christmas.

Left: Emeralds-1.38 total carat weight. Diamonds-total carat weight .95. Setting-14kt gold. $6,200

Center: Sapphires-5.54 total carat weight. Diamonds-total carat weight 1.61. Setting-14kt gold. $8,950

Right: Emeralds-.99 total carat weight. Diamonds-total carat weight .66. Setting-14kt gold. $4,290

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There’s a story behind every beautiful ring at Barker's.

Peridot: Birthstone of August. Symbolizes strength. Sometimes called “The evening emerald" for its light green color. Aquamarine: Believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck. Also considered a gem of eternal youth and happiness. Garnet: Birthstone of January. Linked to higher thinking and self-empowerment, prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others.

Left: Peridot and diamonds. Setting-18kt yellow gold. $2,750

Center: Aquamarine and diamonds with black enamel accents. Setting-14kt yellow gold. $3,200

Right: Garnet and diamonds. Setting-14kt yellow gold. $1,650

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The beautiful blues of sapphires.

Each design is one-of-a-kind. So you can choose your favorite as an intriguing expression of your individual style.

September’s birthstone was the gem of royalty and divinity because of its celestial hues. Symbolizes wisdom and purity. The yellow gold settings of these three rings are the perfect complement for these beautiful blues.

Left: Cabochon Sapphires and diamond with weave design. Setting-14kt yellow gold. Circa 1890’s. $3,800

Center: Sapphire and diamond buckle design ring. Setting-15kt yellow gold. Circa 1880’s. $1,450

Right: Sapphire and Old Mine Cut diamonds. Setting-14kt yellow gold. Circa 1900’s. $5,800

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The handmade detail in these gold bangles is truly remarkable

Imagine the time spent by master craftsmen who created each of these bangles one at a time over 200 years ago. What a treasure to enjoy wearing and then pass on to the next generation in your family.

Top: 15kt yellow gold bangle with exquisite Etruscan detailed design using embossing and filigree. Circa 1870’s. $4,700

Lower: 14kt yellow gold bangle featuring black Tracery enamel design. Circa 1870’s. $2,850

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The hidden jewel of Baton Rouge.

It’s true, Barker’s Jewelry can be a little hard to find, especially if you’re in a hurry. But it’s worth taking your time to look for our big red sign on Jefferson Highway. Inside, you’ll discover beautiful jewelry with intricate, handmade design details and fascinating stories associated with each selection.

Left: 18 karat gold with seed pearls. And if you look closely, could there be a nod to a lady who loves horses included in the design? $1,750

Right: 15 karat gold. Circa 1880’s. A delicate design resembling clouds crossing a golden sky. $1,650

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When only an elegant choice will do.

Some occasions just call for really dressing up. And these bracelets add the perfect elegant touch to that long gown you’ll be wearing for special events.

Top: Pearls and diamonds on a 14 karat gold setting. $2,500  

Lower: Step back into the glitz and glamor of the Brat Pack days when Frank Sinatra was the voice of the 1950’s with this spectacular bracelet of diamonds and pearls. 2.46 total carats in diamonds. $4,800