Barker's Antique Jewelry

What to wear this summer!

Three unique gold bracelets from the late 1800’s including antique slides.

Left: 18 karat gold bracelet with repeating black onyx squares and intricate leaf designs. Circa 1880’s. $2,950. Middle: Victorian era slides with pearls and colored gems in this unusual bracelet. Circa 1890’s. $4,200. Right: American, circa 1890’s. Unique Victorian slides with an array of colored gems create a distinctive bracelet. $3,900

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For bird lovers and diamond divas.

An eye for the unique and unusual is the hallmark of Barker’s Antique Jewelry.

Everyone loves Barker's bracelets, and for very good reason. Such a wide array of designs from which to choose, and each one a breathtaking and unique choice.

Left: Gold weave design and tri-colored clasp with a hand engraved bird design. Flexible bracelet. 14 karat gold. Circa 1880’s. $2,200. Right: A custom design from the 1960’s. Over 2 carats (2.5) of diamonds with a 14 karat gold setting. $4,500.

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Take a bangle on vacation.

Gold bangles with pearls are great for casual and dress wear this summer. These antique bangles with pearls are a small sample of the exciting selection of bangles and bracelets now at Barker’s. 

Top: Very unusual design of gold crescents set with pearls. 14 karat gold. American circa 1880’s. $1,200. Lower: England circa 1880’s. 15 karat gold. A wonderful flower motif designed with pearls. $2,700.

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These antique pendants are as unique as you are.

Each design is one-of-a-kind. So you can choose your favorite as an intriguing expression of your individual style.

Barker’s is the hidden jewel of Baton Rouge. Our selection is constantly updated with antique jewelry from estates in Europe and the east coast. Trying on your favorite pieces is part of the fun!

First: Tri-colored 15 karat gold with a floral design. Victorian England, circa 1870’s. $2,700. Second: Tracery enamel with center set pearls. 14 karat gold. American circa 1880’s. $1,450. Third: Beautiful Etruscan work distinguishes this pendant. 14 karat gold with a center diamond. Circa 1870’s. $1,750. Fourth: The perfect gift for a lady studying or performing classical music, we think. A delicate pearl design against black onyx. With 14 karat gold. Circa 1880’s. $1,600.

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Bangles and bracelets, oh my!

Victorian Etruscan work, diamonds, and delicate hand-engraved designs invite a closer look at these three bracelets.

Barker’s bracelets and bangles are perfect for day and nighttime accessories because they can look great with your best jeans or your favorite black dress.

Left: Victorian England era bangle with intricate Etruscan handwork. 15 karat gold. Circa 1870’s. $4,200. Center: The center diamond star design catches your eye immediately in this 15 karat gold bangle. Very detailed handwork Circa 1860’s-1870’s. $6,500. Right: French diamonds throughout this bangle are distinctive along with a delicate floral design. 18 karat gold. Circa 1860’s. $5,800.

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Time to treat yourself.

You certainly deserve it, and no one knows that better than you.Sometimes you’ve just got to take matters into your own hands. Or in the case of these two beautiful bangles, your own wrists.

Top: 15 karat gold and diamonds with Etruscan work in elegant detail. Circa 1880’s England. $1,725. Lower: Eleven Persian turquoise gems set with rose cut diamonds. 9 karat gold bangle. England circa 1880’s. $1,750.